Vitiligo is a skin condition, in which a person will develop white patches on parts of their body. In darker skinned races, it is easier to see. It affects all genders, races, and ages. It is NOT contagious, and it can take a toll of one's self confidence and their mental state. Vitiligo is a long-term condition, and there is currently no proven cure, but many companies are working on drugs. Vitiligo could be hereditary or spontaneous.

Vitiligo makes us strong. It makes us special. It does not define us.


There are not many treatments at this time, but I have tried many possible ones. I put this cream called "Protopic" around my eyes, and elbows. This was prescribed by my dermatologist. I also used to have a UV Light Treatment, which required me to go to a skin center. I would stand in a machine that would emit light on my vitiligo. I have also tried using herbal medicine, like a paste to put on my white spots. I have taken a few medicines as well. 

Currently, I am living with my vitiligo without taking any treatment. And I feel amazing.


It is not exactly known what causes vitiligo. One theory is that your body's own immune system attacks the melanin producing cells, resulting in a loss of pigment in some areas of the skin, hair, and eyes. Vitiligo is usually symmetrical (if it is on one knee, it is usually on the other). There are not too many treatments and limited research because vitiligo is not life threatening. 

Vitiligo makes us unique. We all are beautiful.