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Vitiligo Kids is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping kids  with vitiligo. We aim to spread awareness, discuss different treatment options, and meet others who can relate to the experience of living with vitiligo. Living with vitiligo is not an easy experience, and we understand that. We want to create a space where people who have vitiligo feel like they can talk about living with the condition. Even if you do not have vitiligo, we still want to hear about your experiences. Maybe you know someone who has it, or want to understand what it is like to live with this lifelong condition. 

Whether you have vitiligo or not, we want to hear your story. Share it with us at 'Vitiligo Stories'. 

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About Vitiligo Kids 
Founder of Vitiligo Kids
About the Founder & CEO 

My name is Dhyana Abeysinghe, and I created Vitiligo Kids to help others who are living with vitiligo. I was diagnosed with vitiligo at age five, and have been living with it since. I am now sixteen, and have learned so much from my experience with vitiligo. I sought out every treatment imaginable, and finally realized that I didn’t want to keep putting myself through treatment. It was roughly three years ago that I stopped pursuing treatment. It has not been an easy journey living with vitiligo, and there are still many days that I feel afraid to go out into the world. However, knowing that I can help make a difference and help others means more than I can say. Thank you for being here.


Please go to the 'Get Involved' page to become a member. Thank you!

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