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About Google Meets 

We would love to get to know all of you better. Google Meets is a great way to see everyone and talk together. We are planning on hosting monthly sessions for all our members. To become a member, simply email


Google Meets is a free app that you can download on your phone, computer, or any other device. You can click a link to join a meeting or enter a Meeting ID and Passcode. It is really easy to use.

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Google Classroom 

We will be making a classroom for members with links to the Google Meets sessions, and some fun activities to do! The activities are all optional, of course. In order to join our classroom, you just have to download the free app on any device. Then, you will need to have a Google Account. Make sure it is obvious what your name is so we know who you are. Then, you will need a code: the code will be emailed to you once you email us to become a member. You will get special updates, fun things to do, and times for the Google Meets sessions, as well as the links.

Topics on Sessions

We will be talking about vitiligo experiences, school, family, cultures...anything really. We would love to get to know all our members well! It would mean a lot to us if you could join these Google Meets sessions. We may also prepare some games, questions, and there could be some special announcements those who join the Google Meets sessions will get to hear first. You must be a member to join these sessions. We hope to see you!

Vitiligo Kids Google Meets sessions


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